As the current business landscape continues to change throughout the pandemic, the automotive & transport services sector is facing critical challenges. From factory shutdowns to increase of essential supplies, it’s no doubt that the automotive sector is changing – and fast.

The proliferation of new, cloud-based technology solutions, and ever-growing international competition, means your business needs to work harder, and smarter, to secure market share.

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Case Study

Beer Auto Group

Digital Transformation

Beer Auto Group were victims of a ransomware attack which brought their business to a grinding stop. Using legacy, outdated, exposed IT systems, Beer Auto Group needed to address these 3 challenges:

- Back online ASAP
- Improve security
- Be fully cloud based


- Back online ASAP
The company and the employees moved directly to Office365, and Azure services which allowed them to reduce significant upfront costs on hardware immediately got them all online.

- Improved security
Using Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem gives the company and the employees around-the-clock protection using Defender for Endpoint (devices) and Cloud App Security (cloud infrastructure).

- Be fully cloud based
With 5 sites across Melbourne, if the headquarters was offline - all sites were down. Using Office365 services and Azure services provided that redundancy the company needed after their recent attack.

Services Provided:

- Digital Transformation
- IT Roadmap
- Professional Services
- Secure Awareness Training

Project Overview:

- Source Discovery & Migration Design
- Office365 Provisioning & Client Configuration
- Data Migration & Client Side Provisioning
- Post-Cutover Assistance
- Additional Services
- Setup MFA
- New Backup Solution

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