Aruba Wireless Solutions

Fast, secure and scalable Wi-Fi

Mobility solutions that provide security to mobile users are simply not enough in today’s competitive business environment. When faced with people, traffic and unpredictable spike, speed is crucial in helping you maximise productivity. Aruba Wireless Solutions feature a 802.11ac Wi-Fi system that offers complete visibility, speed and control over mobile users on multi-vendor and multi-site networks.

Espire helps deliver secure, role based network access for wired users and devices with easy to use, intuitive and adaptive Aruba Wireless Solutions.


Why 802.11ac?

Smartphones have gone beyond BYOD and are now shaping work lives. Your employees need over wired connectivity and Aruba’s 802.11ac is your best bet. This gives you secure Wi-Fi access and utmost architectural flexibility where the APs can either be centrally managed or deployed controllerless in Aruba Instant mode.


Aruba Instant Mode

Enjoy performance speeds up to 10-times faster than other solutions in environments with high device densities. With integrated Adaptive Radio Management (ARM), Instant Aps stay clear of RF interference resulting in a more reliable and better performing wireless network.

Aruba Instant Mode also integrates patented ClientMatch technology which continuously gathers session performance metrics from mobile devices. With these metrics, you can point individual clients towards the best AP with the strongest signal as users move.

With Espire’s Aruba Wireless Solutions, you can enjoy:

  • Business-grade network performance
  • Concurrent data rate of 1,733 Mbps in the 5GHz band and 800 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band
  • Secure Wi-Fi access for your employees on all mobile devices
  • Session performance metrics from mobile devices
  • Completely scalable and flexible Wi-Fi architecture

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