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Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP and CRM business solution that can help scale your business quickly and efficiently

Microsoft Dynamics is about much more than some exciting tools or some cool features to help your business. 

For those who might not be aware:

  • CRM = Customer Relationship Management
  • ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Companies love Microsoft Dynamics because of the “ALL IN ONE” factor - it handles so many aspects of business at once! 

With Microsoft Dynamics, you get insight/data about everything from your company’s finances, sales, customer service, operations, marketing, and more! 

Improving Customer Relationships/Engagement

Relationships mean revenue.


You can, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics!

How will your customers know that you are valued if you don’t have access to what you know about them, at all times? You also might end up profiting more, thanks to an accelerated buying process and/or successful upsell options!

The right CRM can help you grow and scale according to plan.

Microsoft Dynamics and its CRM software can also help keep your employees engaged, as well. They will be more in tune with customers’ needs, which means better engagement and improved communication and conversations. 

This can even help boost EMPLOYEE MORALE at your business! CRM can do a lot in terms of client attrition rate, as well, and you may end up keeping more clients than ever before!

Managing/Increasing Sales

One of the real benefits of Microsoft Dynamics is that it can actually manage your entire sales process! Yes, Microsoft Dynamics is here to help, from the moment you offer a customer a quote to the moment they pay for their order! We can handle the ENTIRE SALES PROCESS!

Microsoft Dynamics can offer REAL INSIGHT into the “relationship” with a customer, and what can be improved, thanks to Relationship Assistant. 

Is your relationship trending up, thanks to engagement? Is your relationship trending down, and could use a nudge in the right direction? While these questions might seem miniscule, the truth is that it might make a huge difference in terms of profit by the time the numbers are all added up!

Microsoft Dynamics can revamp the way that your company thinks about sales. Here are some ways that your company can improve sales once it utilizes Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Higher conversion/win rates
  • Tailor engagement to increase sales
  • Keep an eye on “relationships” with client and consumers

There are plenty of sales tools out there, but Microsoft Dynamics truly can help in every step of the sales cycle!

Market The Smarter Way

We all know that marketing is important if a company wants to attract new consumers, and there are more ways to gain insight as to what a customer’s journey looks like than ever before! 

Microsoft Dynamics can help you target the right demographics using methods of all kinds, whether your strategy involves Linkedin, e-mail marketing, SMS integration, or other strategies.

What if you could learn more about a customer and have all of the information neatly laid out? You could learn more about consumer preferences, attract prospects that could be potential new customers, and save money on marketing - ALL AT ONCE!

Microsoft Dynamics is all about how to MARKET SMARTER. Microsoft Dynamics can offer a “holistic view” of consumers, where you can examine and incorporate:

  1. Transactional data
  2. Observational data
  3. Behavioral data

Your marketing campaign can be more INFORMED AND PERSONALIZED than ever before!

Seamless Integration

How exactly do you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics? Great news! There isn’t just one answer, and Microsoft Dynamics understands that your company must remain flexible and adaptable to compete in the marketplace.

You might find that the LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help to attract new business and pursue leads, and the fact that it can be seamlessly integrated is a huge plus.

That isn’t all! Microsoft Dynamics is also fully integratable with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 as well!

There are few tools that can improve your business like Microsoft Dynamics. After all, its solutions can help with supply chain management, sales, customer engagement, customer service, data insights, and more! 

Espire IT and Microsoft Dynamics provide the all-in-one business management software that can help you grow and scale quicker than ever!

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Check out the Dynamics 365 website https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-au/


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Of all I.T. infrastructure spending by 2020 will be cloud-based to run your business from anywhere

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