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The ultimate collaboration tool for your business

Espire’s SharePoint Online solution delivers the powerful features of SharePoint, a centralized system in the cloud that allows your employees to collaborate more efficiently in real time. With SharePoint Online, you can create custom sites to share information with colleagues, keep documents up-to-date, and protect sensitive files.

Take advantage of the SharePoint technology you’re already familiar with, powered by the cloud, to enhance the online collaboration experience for your team, partners, and customers.

Microsoft Office 365 solutions from Espire are:

  • MySites - reliable collaboration tools let you manage and share documents and insights
  • Team Sites - effective communication tools keep everyone in sync with shared task lists, calendars and document libraries
  • Intranet Sites - to keep everyone up to date on company news, events and updates
  • Extranet Sites - for secure document sharing
  • Professional websites - increase your marketing abilities with a simple, public-facing site
  • Online document features - capabilities for creating and saving office documents directly
  • Security - protect sensitive content with document-level permissions
  • Document access - get a hold of what you need, even if you’re offline
  • Real-time communication - enabled from within SharePoint online

By implementing SharePoint Online into your business operations, you can reap all these benefits without the overhead associated with the management of your own infrastructure.

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