Keeping Systems and People Safe

Protect everything you’ve worked hard for

Attacks today are becoming more and more sophisticated. Physical perimeters are vulnerable. Data centers and other central operations are prime targets. And data is increasingly threatened in today’s transaction-oriented society. The bad guys have more targets to attack than ever before, and in many cases their rewards are richer than ever. This environment requires an extra dose of diligence in addition to a highly intelligent approach to security.

And protection isn’t the only thing at stake. Organizations with effective security also benefit from the confidence of knowing they can ‘step out’ into unknown territories without fear of being exposed. Instead of being paralyzed by security concerns, they can rapidly enter new markets and reach new customers. They can explore new technologies and business models. They can act with speed and confidence, giving them a serious competitive advantage.

Espire IT supports clients throughout Australia and across the most security-sensitive industries including Financial Services, Transportation, Telecommunications, and the Public Sector. Our suite of security solutions diligently protects the lifeblood of sensitive data and IP for leading companies Australia wide. Espire IT helps organizations establish business-enabling security approaches designed to evade attacks, minimize risk of loss, and take advantage of the most advanced technologies available.

How we do it:

Keeping Systems and People Safe - Melbourne, Mount Waverley, Clayton

Remote Data Center

Hackers see small businesses like yours as easy targets because your security measures are far less sophisticated. But not to worry. Espire’s remote data center is designed to meet the highest security standards and withstand any external attacks.

Keeping Systems and People Safe - Melbourne, Mount Waverley, Clayton

Extensive Report

We provide a detailed security report and incident tracking for your infrastructure, meaning you can easily identify weak points and take necessary actions to remove them. Rest easy knowing your systems are fully protected in the event of a disaster.

Keeping Systems and People Safe - Melbourne, Mount Waverley, Clayton

Professional Advice

Looking to tap into new markets, but still concerned about security requirements? Our expert security consultants will put together a strategy for your networks, so you can enter new markets and reach out to potential customers with confidence.

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