Paul Watson
Founder & Director
June 6, 2022
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Remember what it was like leading up to your 18th birthday?

I mean weren’t we all counting down the days until we turned 18?

We could…

  1. Go to the pub on a Friday afternoon
  2. Get out of here and explore the world
  3. Tie to knot (if you wanted to!)

But wait - you seem confused reading this.

You’re quietly asking yourself:

‘Paul, what’s this got to do with anything - and have you got me reading this!?’

Well, I am glad you asked.

My first ever baby, (sorry Sienna, technically you’re the second, but first human, I guess) turned 18 on the weekend!

Last Saturday in fact.

The 4th of June.

It was on this day, Espire IT first opened its doors!

Now as I sit here reflecting, I can vividly remember the great, euphoric, successes we’ve had and the well, not so great, euphoric, successes we’ve had…

But if given the chance to do over - nope, not a chance!


Because there’s so much we've learnt from the last 18 years!

The highs, the lows, the ups and downs… 

Everything has had its reasons and for that, I’m thankful.

So, this is how it went…

We set off as a Systems Integrators in 2004.

Simply put - we built and secured networks of some of Melbourne’s most renown Catholic schools.

From St Joseph’s (Geelong), to St Kevins (Melbourne) to Our Lady of Sion in Box Hill, it was very exciting and daunting stuff (1500+ students).

And that’s only a tiny fraction of schools we looked after.

We were one of the first to implement ARUBA solutions, in schools, in Australia at the time.

The same goes for 3COM (for the nerds out there)... 

We were one of the first to implement 3COM MBX VoIP solutions, in schools, in Australia at the time.

That was a lot of fun from 2004 up until 2010.

We found that around 2010 we knew we could add more value and started exploring cloud computing.

With Office 365 launching in Australia around 2011, cloud computing was still in its infancy so we found another problem we could easily solve for businesses.

Yet, we were still testing and building cloud infrastructure during this time.

We found businesses struggling to manage and maintain their current IT infrastructure.

Yes, the business was growing, but so was the demand on their IT infrastructure.

We knew we could help!

By taking this problem off their hands…

They were able to focus on what they do best!

Building their business.

While we focused on the dirty work, the boring, the mundane, yet crucial parts of their business - Managed services.

Because of this, we found our clients were able to:

  1. Stop the unnecessary IT bleed allowing them to reinvest back into the business
  2. Increase efficiency within their teams and ultimately their service to their clients
  3. And help scale the businesses leveraging the latest technology available

But then in 2015, we revisited the landscape of cloud computing and found that it was feasible for businesses small to medium, to leverage its capabilities.

Enterprise could afford asynchronous internet (meaning super fast internet) at silly prices!

Services such as Office 365 and cloud backup were rolled out to our clients who could see the benefits early on.

Which brings us to the now…

Early June, Espire IT has just turned 18.

And we have seen some great successes with our clients...

All of our clients have workloads within the cloud.

Whether it be their entire operation online…

Or certain parts of their workloads online.

There is not a client under our guidance who isn’t leveraging and taking advantage of the cloud today.

And because of this, we saw our clients seamlessly transition to working remotely during perhaps the lowest times of our generation (early 2020).

It was business as usual for them, thankfully.

To a point where some of our clients found the mythical ‘work, life, balance’ that had been longing for!

They found flexible work/life balance with getting what was needed done, while spending time with those they loved most.

Most importantly they were able to focus on their wellbeing and mental health.

And while we look back at how far we’ve come…

We quietly look at how exciting the future looks for all.


None of this could have been possible, without the team at Espire IT and our amazing clients both past and present.

Everyone has been an integral part of this journey.

And we look forward to what the next 18 years will bring.

I can tell you what’s ‘a given’…

A lot more grey hairs on my head (for those who know me, there’s not much left!)

Thanks for being part of this amazing journey.

- Paul Watson | Espire IT

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