Cloud Computing or Virtualization?

Cloud Computing or Virtualization?

To migrate to the Cloud or virtualize your machines? That is the question. Both Virtualization and Cloud Computing have benefits. But figuring out which one is right for your organization is another story. If you’re having trouble deciding which technology is the best choice for the future of your business, this article will help you figure it out.

3 tips to get you started with virtualization

3 tips to get you started with virtualization

You’ve likely heard of virtualization. It’s the ability to move both hardware and software out of your office to a vendor offsite – therefore freeing up office space and cutting costs. This likely sounds like a dream come true for small businesses, whose overheads need to be kept to a minimum.

5 common ways virtualization fails

Virtualization_Aug11_AVirtualization has become common place in small to medium size businesses. After all, the idea of moving physical systems to virtual ones that not only usually costs less but also allows owners to get rid of physical hardware, makes it an appealing option.

10 Important virtualization terms

Virtualization_July14_AVirtualization – the act of moving something physical to a digital environment, normally delivered over a network connection – is one of the most beneficial tech concepts, especially for small businesses. For many business owners and managers however, this is a vastly complex concept, that carries with it some confusing terminology.

Server virtualization: more bang for buck?

virtualization_June17_AServer virtualization has been with Windows computing for over 10 years. During that time, many small businesses have embraced the technology to improve storage efficiency and get more bang for their server buck. Despite its growing popularity, many organizations are still doubtful about whether or not to virtualize their servers.

Virtualization 101

Virtualization_May19_AProductivity and cost-efficiency are two key factors of a successful business. However, these factors can be compromised due to financial issues brought about by using traditional in-house server models. One option at your disposal that could help you realize better success is virtualization.

Virtualize your business now

Virtualization_Feb24_ARunning a small/mid-sized business can be just as daunting as operating a large enterprise. If you are ambitious to improve your business, then virtualizing your systems might be just the development you’re looking for. Aside from being a cost-effective solution, virtualization can also boost the efficiency of your enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Does virtualization = the cloud?

Virtualization_Dec02_AOne of the most popular tech terms of the past year, and more, is ‘the cloud’. It seems like businesses the world over are not only interested in finding out more, but are now starting to integrate it into their work environments. When you hear experts talk about the cloud, they often also mention virtualization.